Our Services

Pest Control Total Service

Our services include the identification & eradication of all household pests with special emphasis on the elimination of termites. Other pests that we eradicate are cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies, bed-bugs, silverfish, rats & mice, reptiles, fleas & any pest which are not only a nuisance to mankind but a health hazard.We are trained and certified technicians from Ministry of Agriculture Malaysia and equipped with wide experiences and knowledge of all kinds of pest available in Malaysia. If you have a pest problem you are most welcome to call us for a professional opinion. We can advise over the phone what action that need to be taken to help solving your problem. At Pest Control Total Service, we are ever ready to help our customers. We are constantly listening to our customer’s comments and feedback with the aims to upgrade our services and serve you better in the future.

Thus, the following services are provided:-

Pest Control Services in Brief

  • Pre & Post Construction Soil Treatments for termites
  • Australian Baiting System. No in-house drilling & pumping of chemicals.
  • Post-construction anti-termite treatment
  • Spraying against all household pests.
  • Fogging against mosquitoes, flies and all other flying vectors.
  • Other related General Pest Control services such as Ants, cockroaches, rodent (rats), house flies, fleas, bird, lizard etc.

Chemical Used

The chemicals used are those that have been approved & recommended by the Pesticide Board of Malaysia & National Pest Control of Malaysia. Whilst they are lethal & effective in the treatment and control of pest, with proper precautions taken they are relatively safe to human beings & household pets. However, contact with the chemicals by inexperienced people should be avoided


Our charges are very moderate and most competitive.

Pests are all around us.We provide an comprehensive range of pest services. Here are common pests to look out for.

Save your properties and the health of your loved one from disease bearing pests. Plus with 23 years of experience definitely value for your money. This is the only one stop centre for pest control services which comes with warranty.

All our quotations and site visits and surveys are free of charge. The damage done by termites or white ants cannot be seen but the time you discover extensive damages has already been done to your properties. We will design a customized treatment according to your pest problems needs.

Our sole business is to save guarding your health and properties. Everyone can afford our pest control services.