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We deal with all kinds of pest that interfere with your peace a comfort of livings.

Termites have caused more damages worth billions of dollars more than floods, hurricane, or storm. Dry wood termites live about ground and usually from colonies in dead wood in the tree and buildings they have infested.
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Most species of ants are attracted to sweet or fatty substances and are found in kitchens, pantries, storerooms & warehouses. Ants are commonly intruders of homes & commercial buildings & are unwanted in food outlet.
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Cockroaches represent one of the most serious risks to public health because they spread diseases which contribute to food poisoning. They present a problem in food stores, restaurants, home living’s kitchens,drains & sewage outlets.
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Lizards are a nuisance as their dropping stain pictures, walls & ceiling. It is a secretive creature that feeds on insects. Most lizards live on the ground or in trees, also found in deserts, rain-forests, rivers and streams.
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Total Pest Control Service

Total Pest Control Service is a professional service establishment, specializing in all forms of pest control services. We are established with the objective of playing it's role in nation building by providing Pest Control services to individual & corporate property owners. Our management team & skilled staff have years of experience in environmental care and pest control services, having worked in this field in other companies providing similar services for 23 years. Save and the health of your loved one from disease bearing pests. 23 years of experience value for money one stop centre for pest control services which comes with warranty.